PD Warrior

Developed in Sydney, Australia PD Warrior is an exercise philosophy designed to help you slow your Parkinson's down. Bringing together the latest evidence with the experience and success of training thousands of people, PD Warrior proves that exercise is medicine. What makes PD Warrior so effective, is its proactive approach to exercise and improving your quality of life. It is important not to wait for symptoms to impact on your daily life before getting involved. Investing now to slow your Parkinson's down will enable you to control your Parkinson's – before it controls you.

PD Warrior is unique and different to a regular exercise program. PD Warrior provides a framework to help people slow their Parkinson's down. It does through 4 key pillars, all of which are essential to the program:
1. Neuro-active exercise
2. Education
3. Long term behavior change
4. Community and support

Although Parkinson's is a progressive condition, if people are treated early in their disease, have idiopathic Parkinson's and use the neuroplastic training principles prescribed in this program, you should expect to see improvements and to help them slow the symptom progression down.


In addition to years of experience and post graduate study in the field of neurological physiotherapy Sophie, Jen and Caroline are accredited PD Warrior Instructors. ON Physio has been delivering the very popular and effective PD Attack and Defence classes for nearly 3 years. These classes have evolved and incorporate core principles including Warrior to best address the needs of attendees.

Classes are differentiated according to the requirements of attendees. ON Physio has invested in the PD Warrior licence and now will be delivering the full PD Warrior programme. We will be running a new Friday morning class specifically for those following the Warrior program.

The class will be offered to people undergoing a PD Warrior treatment plan who are using the Warrior workbook. The class is suitable for PWP early post diagnosis, younger onset and/or with mild symptoms of Parkinson's.


It is essential that everyone is fully assessed before commencing any PD Warrior program. This is to ensure that we know about your full medical history, any injuries or complications and any precautions to exercise. It also helps us to work out what your main difficulties are and to be able to define your goals of therapy. You will get far more out of your program by working with an instructor that trying to do it on your own.


The introductory sessions include private sessions with a PD Warrior Instructor to get you started and should include a twelve week follow up. You will be taught specific exercises and techniques, given a tailored home exercise programme and PD Warrior workbook to help support your work outside of your sessions.


The minimum advised for effective intervention is an initial assessment and treatment session with 2 - 3 individual follow ups that can be spread out as needed. It is important that you know how to do the exercises properly in order to get the most out of the program and it important to have a re-assessment at the end of the program. This helps to show you your progress objectively as well as to give you a baseline for future analysis.

Following the Introductory sessions, most people will then go on to do the PD Warrior Circuit, however, the introductory sessions will give you enough to get you started independently if you do not live locally to a PD Warrior site and we can support you remotely. Alternatively continued individual sessions allow for a focused and very supportive environment to continue the programme.


Currently ON Physio run 4 Parkinson's classes a week, all are circuit based, intense and incorporate Warrior principles. We will be adding a Friday morning class specifically for those following the Warrior program. Note, if you are wishing to join a class we will advise you of the most appropriate class time for you.


PD Warrior initial appointment: £90
PD warrior follow up apts: 45mins: £75 / 30mins: £50
Home starter equipment pack: £34

Classes - PD Attack / Warrior Circuit: £75 block of 6 classes.

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