Classes - Group exercises led by specialist physiotherapists

Maintain a long term exercise programme

At ON Physio we recognise the difficulties with adhering to and maintaining a long term exercise programme despite this being an important part of an individuals recovery or health maintenance regime.

We offer a range of small group classes and shorter individual exercise review appointments to support your self management in the long term.

​​We have extensive knowledge of local services, exercise and leisure providers and are committed to helping you find the most appropriate way for you to manage your condition.

One on one neurologial physiotherapy treatment in Oxfordshire

Parkinson's Exercises Classes:

We run exercise classes specifically developed for people with Parkinson's. All classes are run from the Bosworth clinic in Cassington. OX29 4DS. We have a large, well equipped gym and studio space. The classes are led by Sophie, Jenny or Caroline. We are all specialist neurological physiotherapists with extensive experience in treating people with Parkinson's. Additionally, as a practice we are licensed to deliver PD Warrior sessions and are certified PD Warrior instructors. Please see the separate PD Warrior page for more details.

We currently run 5 classes a week on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings. We meet all class participants on an individual basis before joining the classes. This can be in our _individual pre-class assessment _session if you are not known to us from individual treatment sessions. This is so we can go through any medical history with you, discuss the exercises in more detail thus ensuring you join the correct level class and exercise effectively and safely. The cost of this session is £50.

The classes run in blocks of generally 6 weeks and cost £75 for the block. This is subsidised for Oxfordshire residents by the Oxford Parkinson's UK branch therefore the cost to individuals is reduced. For further details please contact the clinic.

Alternatively, or additionally we can see you on an individual basis to help set you up with a specific and targeted home exercise programme.

Multiple Sclerosis Aquatic Classes:

ONPhysio is excited to launch MS AquaPower: hour-long aquatic exercise classes for people with Multiple Sclerosis at Richmond Village Witney. The classes will be physiotherapist-led and will consist of arm and leg strengthening, core stability and balance work, and cardiovascular fitness.

The cost of each session is £10. Carers may attend for free, including use of the other spa facilities if they wish whilst the pool session is running.

Classes run on set Mondays at 11.30, and generally run in blocks of 6 weeks which need to be booked and paid for in advance. Please use the contact details below for more information on dates.

The water at our chosen pool is 32 degrees. As such, it is warmer than standard pool water, but not quite as hot as a hydrotherapy pool, thus limiting the possible fatigue effect of very warm water.

People attending will need to be able to use a series of shallow railed steps or a railed graduated entry in and out of the pool.

Pre-booking, and a short initial assessment in dry land is essential before attending. Please contact Caroline directly by email at: or by telephone on: 01865 817656


Neurofit is an exercise therapy for people with neurological conditions. The sessions are aimed at maximising your cardiovascular fitness and strength, in a large, well equipped gym and studio. ON Physio's Neurofit classes are run by an expert Neurological Physiotherapist and Physiotherapy Assistant, to ensure exercises are safe, effective and tailored to your abilities. Each session involves a warm up, circuit exercises, group work and target based exercises. Neurofit classes have a maximum of 8 participants, who work at their own pace and have fun in a supportive group environment, under the close supervision of the Physiotherapists.

If you would like to take part, you need to be medically stable, able to stand and walk without assistance from another person, and get up from the floor independently, or with minimal assistance. Everyone who joins Neurofit will be assessed beforehand, to discuss their physical activity, individual goals and record baseline measurements related to fitness, mobility, strength and balance. At the end of a block, you will be re-assessed, to see how Neurofit is helping you get fitter, move better and become more active.

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Contact Us

We realise you may wish to speak to one of our specialist neurological therapists to find our if your problem is appropriate for physiotherapy treatment. Email or call to arrange a free telephone consultation. There is no obligation to book an appointment following telephone consultation. The service is provided to help people choose whether physiotherapy is the right treatment for them.